Horvath, Reimschneider (Riemschneider) and Rollinger brickwalls

      Horvath, Reimschneider (Riemschneider) and Rollinger brickwalls

      I am still trying to knock down 3 brickwalls in my Donauschwaben ancestry. Lorencz (Lorenz, Lowrance) Horvath was born somewhere in the mid 1830s and married Anna Rollinger (also born about 1834 or so) in about 1856. They lived with Jakob Horvath in 1860 for a brief period of time. They migrated to the United States from Josefsdorf in 1893.

      Anna Reimschneider was born 5 March 1840 and married Mathias Ehrenreich. They migrated from Josefsdorf in 1897.

      If anyone has information on these 3 surnames, I would appreciate hearing it.


      Dave Weinfurtner
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