Seeking "Strobele" Ancestors- Veringendorf, Habsthal, Sigmaringen

      Seeking "Strobele" Ancestors- Veringendorf, Habsthal, Sigmaringen

      My great grandfather, Johann Josef Strobele emigrated to America from Sigmaringen in 1882.

      He was born at St. Michael's Catholic Church in Veringendorf in February 1845. His parents were Johann Strobele (Teacher in Rosna) and Walberga Staudinger.

      Johann Josef Strobele married Bertha (Engelbertha) Arnold on 31 August 1875 at St. Johann's Catholic Church in Sigmaringen. Their witnesses were Josefin Arnold and Fabian Kaiser. Johann and Bertha had 3 children in Sigmaringen: Johann (born 1876), Adolf (born 1879) and Otto (born 1882).

      Johann was a shoemaker/bootmaker and worked for Emperior Wilhem I in the Royal Palace in Berlin.

      Johan had a sister, Emma that married Eugen Kromer, the Sigmaringen Court Bookbinder. She died in Sigmaringen on December 22, 1925 of a stroke. Emma and Eugen had three childres: Eugen Johann Kromer, Emma Anna Kromer, and Marie Anna Kromer.

      Johann worked at Villa Hugel in Essen for the Krupps.

      If you think you are related, or recognize any of the names above please email me at

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